AI-based email security

As a company, all the employees of your company receive hundreds of emails from different organizations, partners, and colleagues. These emails do get through your legacy security system; however, some of the emails can be spoofed, meaning they will come across as genuine only to trick the employees so that it can ultimately harm your business. Sometimes even trained security experts fail to spot them. That’s why Intuition Consultancies AI-based email security comes into place.

Intuition Consultancies offer bespoke AI-based email security service to identify attacks at one go. Intuition Consultancies work along with predictive data science. This model helps us identify genuine relationships with the sender of those emails. Email attacks can be extremely devastating for an organization because it can lead to the stealing of essential data, information, and even financial loss. With our AI-based email security, we will recognize the source of email attacks before they even reach your inbox. Our team of experts will understand the behaviours of such emails and will carefully inspect them like no other.

AI-based email security will let only good emails to reach your inbox. We will eliminate and discard email attacks even before they reach you.

Intuition Consultancies AI-based email security is a cloud-based solution made especially for hybrid email environments. By working couple with the security controls incorporated into your email environment or as an additional layer on top of your safe email entryway, Intuition Consultancies ensures against the dangers that different arrangements miss. Inherent occurrence reaction, remediation, and break regulation reduce analytical workstreams for the SOC group, and Continuous Detection and Response innovation empowers Security Analysts to eliminate inactive dangers from the inbox that have either dodged starting location, or that weaponizes post-conveyance.

If you are not sure whether the emails that you receive almost daily are safe to open or not, better to contact Intuition consultancies because our AI-based email security will solve the problem.

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