IP Telephony

IP telephony is a term that is used for Internet Protocol’s packet-switch connections to exchange information through fax, voice, and more. This is traditionally carried out by using dedicated circuit-switched connections.

Intuition Consultancies offer bespoke IP telephony service to all kinds of enterprises to narrow down cost considerations related to monthly Telco and infrastructure bills. With modern VoIP PBX solutions, such as 3CX, your company will be able to run the system on any exiting non-proprietary hardware along with low-cost machines, like proprietary VoIP solution, Traditional phone system, mini-PCs, and more, which can otherwise cost your hundreds and thousands of dollars, and are also pretty challenging to manage, maintain, and configure. Open standards IP telephony that Intuition Consultancies offer are cost-effective and much easier to manage.

Intuition Consultancies is able to provide enterprises with a better business telephone system. IP telephony has ushered as a unified communication service, which can offer enterprises with complete communications packages run over one platform or a single network.

IP telephony is a service for telephony done processed via the internet, rather than using a traditional PSTN. IP telephony is done via “internet protocols,” which means communication will be done digitally. So, the line you will be using for your telephone service will be a high-speed internet line, rather than a fixed phone. There will be applications and hardware included, which will allow you to communicate more effectively. IP telephony will enable companies and enterprises of different kinds to improve their organization’s productivity, and not just this, it helps organizations reduce operating costs as well. IP telephony will let you become flexible and functional at a fraction of a cost since traditional fixed telephone lines cost a lot more.

IP telephony service comes along with many benefits. Unlike a fixed telephone line, IP telephony will be based on SaaS implementations. Using IP telephony service will allow you to integrate your telephony system with other applications which are vital for your business, for example, CRM system and customer databases. IP telephony allows your customers and employees to engage better with one another efficiently.

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