Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 provides users with a suite that can be accessed anytime and anywhere to improve collaboration across an organization. Intuition Consultancies is a leading Microsoft 365 software service provider, and we make sure that you avail of the maximum benefits of our Microsoft 365 service by offering the best practice guidance, driving consumption, and supporting the platform. We have certified Microsoft specialists who take care of everything, right from the set-up to migration. Intuition Consultancies monitor your system 24 x7, and we have round-the-clock service desks that are always there to help you meet your infrastructure needs and requirements. Our technical team is well-versed with all the versions. Intuition Consultancies can allow you to get the most out of your investment in Microsoft 365. Being one of the trusted office 365 business Canada companies, we provide you with choices, such as service management packages and enterprise-class support. Intuition Consultancies believe in making things easier for everyone, and hence we offer a wide range of support packages.

Intuition Consultancies Microsoft 365 Services

Intuition Consultancies is a leading Microsoft 365 reseller and partner. The solutions that we offer are suggested keeping in mind your business needs and requirements. Being a leading Microsoft 365, Canada company, we offer you support, integration, implementation, and advice.

Hassle-Free Collaboration

We can seamlessly integrate Microsoft 365 suit with the tools of your enterprise to facilitate a hassle-free collaboration across multiple departments in your company. This will let you work and effortlessly organize files no matter where you are. Not just this, you will be able to fascinate internal communications.

Microsoft Dynamics To Work Better

With the help of Microsoft Dynamics, we can work on mechanizing specific business measures while actualizing techniques to consider future development. Effortlessly incorporated with elements CRM or your ERP. Call the best Microsoft 365 Canada service provider.

24X7 Maintenance and Support

We offer adaptable support and upkeep services that guarantee far-reaching troubleshooting. The maintenance and support services will take care of all the problems effectively. Apart from this, Intuition Consultancies also offer comprehensive training sessions so that you can manage your team properly.

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