Cyber security

Cyber security management is complex, and since there are businesses of all kinds, there is no one-size-fits-all service. Intuition Consultancies offers darkweb monitoring and a wide range of cyber security services and products that will be customed to suit your organization's requirements and needs. Right from training, security testing, staff awareness programmes, documentation toolkits, books, and guides, we are here to help you with everything to enhance its security program.

Our Cyber Security Services

Being one of the leading cyber security service providers in Canada, we believe in protecting your networking infrastructure from all kinds of threats and prepare preventive security measures so that your IT infrastructure can remain safe from authorized access, security breach, and data theft.

Our Cyber Security Solutions include- Firewalls, VPN, Access Control, Application security, Behavioural analytics, IPS, and Wireless security.

A Defence Against Threats

Intuition Consultancies work with a team of passionate and professional cyber security experts who identify faults in the IT infrastructure, leading to a potential security breach. We will do a digital security audit first and then plan for strategic planning to secure the IT infrastructure. We will make firewall configurations, asset identification, risk assessment, and improve your security policies.

Manage Risk Across the Ecosystem

To improve the security of your IT infrastructure, one needs to think about hardening network devices. Some of the elements included in this are- limiting physical access, creating strong passwords, network encryption, testing security settings, router protection, backup up configurations periodically, and more. These are some ways we can harden network devices from unauthorized access.

Continuous Monitoring

If you want your cybersecurity to be full-proof, don’t rely on snapshots of your compliance and risk. You could be compliant right now, but you never know what may happen tomorrow. You need a security platform that will let you do continuous monitoring so that your ecosystem remains safe from threats and virus.


Different industries have different information security requirements. Whether it is finance or healthcare, each sector will have unique set of best practices, standards, and regulations, and we take care of compliance of your sector. We will make sure that the cyber security service that we offer helps your enterprise prove, maintain, and achieve compliance.

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