Dark web monitoring

Dark web monitoring, otherwise known as cyber monitoring, is a process that protects your products, applications, and systems from identity theft and also enables you to keep an eye on your identify information and receive notifications if any of your information is found online.

Intuition Consultancies provide bespoke dark web monitoring service. Since the dark web is considered to be the underbelly of the internet, not everyone can access it. It is a shrouded area, completely hidden from the general search engines. Not just this, the dark web can mask IP addresses as well, which allow criminals and fraudsters to commit crimes, and this includes identity theft as well. Intuition Consultancies understand the complications an enterprise can come across if their identity is stolen, and that’s why we offer a comprehensive dark web monitoring service, which will protect your reputations, along with finances, from theft identity. You can get this service from us at an affordable price to know whether you are being masked in the dark web. Along with giving you all the information, we can also help you eliminate your dark web presence.

Keep your company’s identity and reputation intact with bespoke dark web monitoring service.

We let you be in control when it comes to the information that you would like us to monitor for you. All you need to do is tell us about the information that you would like us to check, and we will do it efficiently. For all the information that you will ask Intuition Consultancies to check for you, we will send a notification via email or call. We will monitor all the sources and see where criminals are most active. Our process will include indexing and monitoring millions of dark web pages, criminal forums, pastes, IRC, Telegram, I2P pages, and more. Along with working with advanced technology, our team of experts continuously work to develop personas, produce intelligent reports, and build trust.

Intuition Consultancies provide comprehensive data that are traded across the dark web. If you are concerned about your company’s identity and want to be safe, call Intuition Consultancies for a free consultation.

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