Desktop Virtualization

A hosted desktop virtualization by Intuition Consultancies is the best way to move any desktop and multiple applications to the cloud so that the users can access the hosted desktop no matter where they are and when they want to.

Desktop Virtualization will allow your staff to access desktop applications, which will include line-of-business software applications, anytime and from anywhere. No matter which industry you are working in, for example, healthcare, law, accounting, finance, tax, and more, with desktop virtualization, an enterprise will become much more productive. Our desktop virtualization service now comes with Microsoft 365; however, that’s an add-on that you can go for to access your Office applications easily whenever you want to. Intuition Consultancies is a reliable and trustworthy desktop virtualization service provider, and we are here for you 24 x 7 via email, chat, or phone.

Desktop virtualization lets you enjoy the same experience of accessing your applications when you use your computer. Intuition Consultancies let you choose from multiple Windows operating systems.

Through desktop virtualization, your company will empower all the authorized users to get access to virtual machines no matter where they are working from. This way, you will enable everyone in your company to become more productive; you will allow multi-user access, increase productivity, and reduce cost. No matter which device you want to use to access the virtual desktop, such as PCs, Macs, tablets, smartphones, you will get the freedom to access your office’s applications anytime you want. Intuition Consultancies offer full desktop virtualization service, starting from installing patches to upgrading OS, from installing cumulative updates to providing 24 X 7 support. Intuitive Consultancies is always there for you! Not just this, our service includes round-the-clock monitoring of every critical service as well. If you want a virtual desktop to be connected with external devices, such as a printer, hard drives, scanners, multiple monitors, and storage, simply let us know, and we will get the job done.

Intuition Consultancies is always committed to keeping your virtual desktop functioning well all the time. We make sure to match the industry-standard service levels. We make sure to provide daily backup solutions so that you don’t need to worry about maintaining separate backups regularly. We also let you choose the users accordingly. Our desktop virtualization service is flexible.

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