Human Reosource Management

Human Resource is the backbone of any company. Every company has a human resource department, but to make this extremely crucial department more productive, you have the best hr management system, which can be provided by Intuitive Consultancies. A human resource management system, which is often known as an HR informative system, is a system that will allow your business to manage and automate most of your human resource processes.

When you get the right hr management software, you will be able to perform HR functions, perform business processes, manage payroll, manage employee data, analyze performance evaluations, and well in a strategic and better way. All those monotonous and time-consuming tasks handled by your HR team can now be automated with robust hr management software.

Any company that has employees and want to make their work streamlined and smooth can take advantage of hr management software in Canada. Our hr management software can be used by employees, managers and HR professionals.

Intuitive Consultancies have designed hr management software, which is cost-effective and fits business of all sizes. But knowing that no businesses are alike, our hr management software can be customized as per your requirements.

Reporting Becomes Smooth

Create custom queries based on the length of services, employment type, employment status, and more. You can easily export data sheets to review with our HR management system.

Track Attendance Easily

Now, you will never have to worry about manually entering the attendance of your employees. Check the database, and see who is coming late and how many times an employee has repeatedly been late to the office.

Document Management Made Easy

One of the most monotonous and error-prone work is document management. Now you will get direct access to different types of documents in an instant, such as announcement templates, training manuals, handbooks, and more. Manage your employee’s data easily.

Track Candidates Applications

During the recruitment process, it becomes extremely crucial to keep tracking the applicant’s progress. Our HR management system will let you do a monotonous task, like applicant tracking, without any difficulty.

Never Lose Any Data

Now maintain all the critical information about your employees without losing any data. Make your work comfortably and easily with our robust HR management software. All the data will be readily available on the cloud, meaning you will get to access it whenever you want.

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