Server Setup and Configuration Services

In addition to all the essential support of websites and servers, Intuition Consultancies also offer server setup and configuration services. We can delete, modify, set, and read configuration settings on any device.

Intuition Consultancies offer tailored and customed server setup and configuration services that will meet a specific project's requirement, for example, a mail server setup. We offer a full range of services to configure and install software and operating systems for Windows or Linux OX. We have a team of professionals who are experts in different areas, which is why our team is always prepared to solve any task and challenge that they are asked to do. Owing to our experience, Intuition Consultancies is always ready to solve both not trivial and routine tasks.

Intuition Consultancies offer cost-effective pricing, and each of our clients gets an individual assistance and approach when it comes to getting their complex work done.

Our server setup and configuration services will include defining the role of the service and also understanding the most suitable OS. We will assist you with a selection of licensing policy, software, and server hardware. We will do equipment and OS setup without any hassle. Other than these, we can also install and configure software for any particular server role. In-depth customization of services will be done to cater to your requirements and for certain tasks. Recovery setup and backup setup will be done, and finally, server security configuration, which is of utmost importance, will be done for performance optimization. If you want us to help you with workgroup server setup and configuration, that can be done. This is a server, which will enable your enterprise to function well for up to twenty workplaces. For companies who are handling multiple tasks at the same time, workgroup servers are the right choice; small companies, immensely, can benefit a lot from it.

For companies who are continually trying to showcase their products and services to their customers through the internet, web servers become quite useful. Intuition Consultancies can help enterprises with many web servers, which will be configured and installed correctly. Along with all these, we also provide server administration.

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