Software Solutions

Intuition Consultancies pride itself on supporting multiple companies across Canada with our robust software solutions in Canada. We have vertical specialists who are always passionate about developing software solutions in Toronto that transform organizations of all sizes. The software solutions that we provide are couples with extensive sector expertise, which enables us to make a real difference.

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Software Solutions to Help You Manage Your Business

Software Development

Software development services are offered to help businesses develop company-specific and industry-specific software that is based on the requirements of our clients. Being a leading software company in Canada, we estimate the cost and time of a project, design, develop, test, and finally deliver the software that will work seamlessly.

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Data Modelling

Intuition Consultancies data modelling services can help businesses do more with their data. We can help you create robust and strategic digital solutions that will enable you to achieve your desired business goals. Our clients work with clients dedicatedly to create a 360-degree data architecture road map keeping in mind the latest proven techniques.

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Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 suits will let you collaborate with your team and clients anytime and anywhere across your organization. Whether your organization needs licensing support and provision, or you are looking for a complex transformation, Intuition Consultancies has a team of experts who can help.

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Web-design and development

Intuition Consultancies is a full-service digital agency. We have a team of IT specialists, marketers, developers, and designers, and their combined expertise and knowledge allow them to create exceptional web strategies and designs precisely tailored to meet your business requirements and needs. Intuition Consultancies use multiple tools to create, design and develop websites.

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Mobile app development

Intuition Consultancies mobile development services offer custom mobile experiences for all kinds of mobiles, wearables, and augmented or IoT reality devices. We have a team of top product and project managers, designers, and software developers, who take care of your enterprise’s needs and wants while developing mobile apps.

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