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Intuition Consultancies offer hosted PBX services to business of all specialisms and sizes. We have been offering our IP PBX service for more than ten years now. If you want to enhance your productivity, improve customer service, and streamline operations, connect with us today to avail yourself of the benefits of high-end VoIP features.

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Why Does a VoIP System Matter?

If you are dealing with an unwieldy proprietary phone system, our VoIP PBX Toronto service can be of help. It's time to move your phone system to the cloud so that you get to perform better!

Advanced Call Management

Call management, fax to email, conferencing, and more- everything in one phone system. Get all the reports in your professional interface.


Get a professional edge with our Hosted VoIP PBX service auto-receptionist feature. Auto Receptionist acts as a powerful and flexible 'virtual receptionist' for every incoming caller.


A hosted PBX system is something you can count on without worrying about lapses, delays, and lagging response times in call quality. Now, never miss a call when you go out of the office.

High Value Features

Time To Upgrade Your Telephonic System to a Professional Level

Enhanced Services

Hosted VoIP PBX enables users to adjust settings such as Call Forwarding fully, Call Filters and to block, Call Pickup, Caller ID, and more. All the advanced features in one phone system.

Call recording

Hosted VoIP PBX gives you multiple options when it comes to calling recording. You may use this feature for lower-level per Tenan, for the entire system, globally, DID, Ring group, and more.


Let customers and clients leave voicemails when you are not around. Voicemail, an advanced answering machine, will let callers leave voicemails if you are unable to attend them.

Auto provisioning

Auto-Provisioning is another advanced feature that will let users automatically configure their phones by pointing them to ICL HTTP/PBX TFTP address without any hassle.

Caller ID and Name ID

Set your business's caller ID and name before you place an outgoing call. This feature will create more trust in your organization. Display your name on the phone display of the called party.

Call pickup

No matter where you are, the call pickup feature will enable you to remotely pick up all the calls without any fail. This way, you will never miss a call and will always be there to help out.

Do Not Disturb

Want to block a phone number or temporarily redirect it to a set destination? Use the Do Not Disturb feature and get rid of numbers that you don't want to respond to.


Make it easier for the callers to choose one of the multiple available routes by enabling the IVR option. Give your customers or callers an easier way to reach out to the right department.


Incoming Faxes that arrive into PBXware will first be received, and later, the same will be forwarded to the predefined email associated with the phone number. Make your work easier!

Music on hold

Callers often feel irritated when they have to wait for a few minutes when on call. Use the Music on Hold feature to offer schedules, customizable, and royalty-free music-on-hold calls.


If you want to deliver a message to a larger group, the Intercom feature can be of great help. Deliver your message fast to everyone that you want to hear it.

Door open

Small companies who don't have a dedicated front desk can use the Door Open feature, which will control the door opening functionality.


We have integrated with Origen to our desktop app. It allows users to monitor VoIP phone state, PBX users, retrieving calls, originating calls, and more.

Operation times

Based on your operating times across multiple time zones, locations, and branches, you can fully automate their call flows depending on the operating time you want to choose.

Dynamic voice conferences

Easily drag and drop contacts, mute participants, or remove participants from the conference calls. You can use the gloCOM dynamic conference rooms for on-the-fly meetings.

System dashboard

To get all the vital information of PBX information, use the dashboard section. The dashboard will display information regarding hardware usage, primary services status, number of total calls, answers, calls, etc.

Agent wrap-up time

Through a hosted PBX system, you can assign Agent Wrap-up Time for around 10 seconds so that they can wrap-up a call. During this time, the agent will not get disturbed by another call.

Switch phone

Switch Phone is extremely crucial for companies with multiple departments. Use the switch phone feature to efficiently switch the call to another department so that the customer in line doesn't have to call again.


No need to send a caller straight to a voicemail or give a busy tone ever again. Our queues are easily and fully configurable. Use this feature so that the available agent can receive the customer's call to avoid dropped calls.

Show status of users

Show status of users' feature will let the users see the current status of all the users assigned to the BLF buttons.

Pause Reason Codes

When an agent wants to stop receiving queue calls but doesn't want to log-out of his/her system, Pause Reason Codes can be used. Under this condition, the agent will still be logged in with their pause event.

Agents: callback & dynamic

Through dynamic agent calls, the queue members will be able to login to a designated queue from any UAD on the network, provided they have an access code. To login, the agent needs to provide their agent number and pin.

Role base administration

You can create administration groups and users who will be given access rights to specific parts of the system. Power users: The administrator will have complete access to all parts of the system; the Site Admin will have unrestricted access to only one site/location.

CDR statistics

Users will have complete access to the detailed CDR statistics on the system. One can use CDR statistics to generate detailed reports on the numbers of calls that have been made during a day or in an hour.

Call monitor

Monitor active calls in real-time to understand how agents are performing. This can operate in two modes. Listening- where users can listen to the calls only. Whispering- listen to the conversation and talk only to the monitored extension. Barging- Listen and talk both. Choose the one that you by pressing the right key.

Supervisor panel

Supervisor Panel will allow the supervisors to receive real-time statistics and monitoring data of agents. Through this, the supervisor will be able to check the performance when they logged in, paused, which caller is taking a lot of call time, and logged out in real-time.

Hot Desking

Hot Desking is a great feature. It permits employees to work at any available desk in the office. They will have their own extension no matter where they sit.

Scheduled reports

Schedule queue reports allow users to run, and email queue reports data automatically based on users' preferred interval, which can be daily, weekly, monthly, etc.

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